Is There More to the “Nightcrawlers” Than Meets the Eye?

Yep, we’re talking about these guys again! And to me that’s a good thing. While I love things such as Bigfoot, grey aliens and other common paranormal creatures, it’s the uncommon ones that REALLY catch my interest. And the nightcrawlers are one of those uncommon creatures. If you don’t know what nightcrawlers are, I don’t blame you. Their physical design is so unique and intricate that it would confuse anyone…oh wait, they just look like a walking pair of pants. Anyway, today we’re going to talk about some new info I found on these things, so let’s get to it! OK, so we have a video that starts out with our good friend Jaime Maussan. He opens up that there is actually an old legend about these creatures. One that’s over 100 years old. The legends apparently originate from the forests of California (where both videos were taken) about these strange creatures with no bodies or arms, just a head and legs. Locals say the legends tells of an enormous being that walks the forests at night and has been for decades. It is said it only appears at night, never in the daytime and that it’s very hard to see. Apparently even uttering the name “nightcrawler” commands you to respect the forest. Locals say they’ve learned to coexist with the creature, which apparently arrived in the forest before the first human beings. (What?) Wood carving statues have been put up in honor of the creature all over the forests as a peace offering to show that we have been able to coexist for all these years. The video goes on to talk about how “Fact or Faked” tried to recreate the Fresno video, but were unsuccessful. Another interesting thing that could be linked to the nightcrawlers is back in 1931 in Blythe, California an archaeologist discovered huge glyphs that could be seen from the air. They showed a huge being with long legs and arms with a small head. You could only see these glyphs from the air. The glyph was about 160 feet long from head to toe. When these glyphs were created is unknown but they can been heard in oral legends from ancient native American’s stories. 

So, you mean to tell me that walking stick figures have been roaming the forests of California before the first human beings came to exist? Seems legit! All jokes aside, it’s actually pretty interesting. To think that there could be more to these creatures than them just being aliens from another planet is crazy. They could almost be seen as sort of guardians of the forest. They don’t sound like they would be dangerous, but then again maybe people never went for enough to see if they were hostile. But all this is speculation and I’m not saying I believe in all of it but we have video evidence of these strange creatures. If you remember, I called the Fresno tape one of the best videos ever shot to date. I still stand by that statement. Then I said the Yosemite video was a fake, and I still agree with that statement. The way I see it is these creatures aren’t some kind of spiritual beings, but actual aliens that have been visiting the forests for decades. I think the legends sort of add to the authenticity of the Fresno video because they look like the creatures in the legends almost to a T. I hope within the next few years, we’ll see more video evidence of these nightcrawlers because now my interest in these things is peaked even more. What do you think? Does this new info add to the authenticity of the twp tapes or do you still feel the same as before? 


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