Mysterious Purple Spheres Appear in Arizona Desert?

It had to be Arizona. Well, looks like I got to gather up my industrial tools and fight an alien invasion soon. (I hope someone knows what I’m referencing) But anyway, today we’re going to go to the Arizona desert to look into a story about these mysterious purple balls that were found lying on the ground. On January 27th, 2013 in Vail, Arizona a woman by the name of Geradine Vargas and her husband were out walking around taking pictures of the desert landscape when she spotted something strange. She found a small group of thousands of little purple gel-like orbs just lying in the dirt. They were watery, some where translucent and they were completely isolated and Geradine wanted answers. So she sends the photos to a zoologist friend who was unable to identify them. Then she sends the pictures to the KGUN 9 news station who conduct their own investigation. They contacted Darlene Buhrow, director of marketing at the Tuscon Botanical Garden, who’s husband is a botanist. He says that if they’re natural, then they could either be slim mold or jelly fungus. A day after KGUN 9 reported on this story, a man by the name of Daniel Bartels, believes he knows what the orbs are, because he makes them. His company, Canopy Corner, sells decorative water beads that you usually but in a bowl or with a flower arrangement. Liz Kotalik of KGUN 9 went back to the scene of the mysterious orbs to compare them with the Canopy Corner water beads. While they look similar, they aren’t a perfect match. Liz then took a sample of the mystery desert orbs and sent it to ASU’s Cooperative Extensions to have them tested. She says they should have results by next week.

Why would someone buy a bunch of water beads just to dump them in the desert? This whole story is just weird. I guess I should say that I don’t think they have anything to do with aliens. If they did, I’m pretty sure the aliens wouldn’t be stupid enough to put them in plain sight (even though alien can be pretty dumb). I’m going to say that they’re most likely smaller versions of those water ball thingies. Hopefully by next week, those test results will actually come out and then we’ll know for sure. But in the mean time, what do you think they are? Are they something alien or are they just decorative water balls or a type of fungus?


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