Man Shoots and Kills Bigfoot in Texas?

It’s time for a follow-up to an old post! So remember back in October when we talked about a video that could possibly be the best Bigfoot video ever shot? Well now there’s more information about it like who shot it, where it was shot and what happened after the video ended. So now we know the video was shot by well known Bigfoot tracker, Rick Dyer (you may remember him from the infamous 2008 Georgia Bigfoot hoax) and he shot the video in San Antonio, Texas on September 6th, 2012 (we already knew that part). Rick Dyer runs a website called he claims that he lured Bigfoot to a campsite by pinning ribs to a tree. That’s when he says Bigfoot showed up and began to eat the ribs. That’s when the video was shot. What happened after the video was shot is where a lot of controversy starts. Once the footage stopped rolling, Dyer got out his gun, exited the tent and shot Bigfoot and killed him. When asked about the corpse, Dyer says that he has it stored away in a warehouse in an undisclosed location in Nevada. He claims he’s not allowed to reveal the body yet due to a contractual agreement with a documentary crew who is set to release a documentary about the body sometime in late March/early April 2013. He says once the film is released, then he’ll start releasing photos and then the body. One eye witness named Musky Allen (nice alias BTW) claims Dyer invited him to look at the body and says he can confirm this is not a hoax. Many are saying that this is Dyer’s second attempt to trick the public into thinking he has a body of a Bigfoot. The first incident was back in 2008 when he made similar claims that he and another man, police officer Matthew Whitton claimed they had the body of a dead Bigfoot in a freezer. They got massive national attenuation and later admitted the whole thing was a hoax and the Bigfoot body was just a rubber suit.

Shit! And here I thought the video was most likely real! I wasn’t 100% sold on it, but I honestly thought it was real. And now I find out this guy is behind the video. I remember when the 2008 Bigfoot story broke. EVERYONE was talking about. This guy was going around talking to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, all of them. Hell, I remember he even personally invited Fox News’s Megan Kelly to go and look at the body! And the entire time they kept saying everyone was going to eat their words because they were calling them hoaxers. And then…they said it was all a hoax. And NOW he expects us to believe him? I’m all for second chances, but some people honestly don’t deserve them and this guy is one of them. you can’t just trick the whole nation, nay, the whole WORLD and then expect us to give you a second chance. Now I have no doubt that this video is fake. Oh, and there is no body. How convenient that he can’t show us the body this time. But, I’ll ask. What do you think of the video now? Do you still think that it shows a real Bigfoot or do you now believe it to be a hoax?


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