merakiandmangoes asked:

Hi again! Sorry to bother you so much, I probably seem really nosy. The paranormal really interestes me and I can't find anyone to question it about who doesn't automatically think I'm mad! Anyway, I have already asked you about mermaids, but where exactly would you draw the line for fake? And you said you believe in God and Heaven and Hell- does this mean you believe in angels and demons? And what's your opinion on somewhat more obscure things like Banshees and Wil'o'Wisps and Bogarts?

They’re just jelly because their interest(s) isn’t as cool as the paranormal. ;P

1) Where do I draw the line for fakes? For me, I draw the line when something sounds so nutty, that it’s almost impossible for it to be real. Example being The Jersey Devil. I’ll admit that it’s one of my absolute favorite paranormal creatures of all time and I love reading up on sightings and stories about it, but I don’t think it exists/existed. To me, the thought of a horse-headed, bat-winged devil creature flying around is just a bit to much. Even things like Bigfoot I kind of have trouble believe exist. But unlike The Jersey Devil, Bigfoot is more likely to exist in my opinion because there was a species of apes very similar to Bigfoot.

2) Yes, I do believe angels and demons exist. But, I don’t think that demons are running around possessing people willy-nilly. Same goes for angels. I don’t think they’re just floating around following you 24/7 waiting to save from something bad happening to you. I believe that some people may have been saved by a guardian angel, but that’s all I’m really gonna say on that matter.

3) Things like Banshees and Will’o’wisps are like special enemies in video games (stupid analogy, I know, but bear with me). They’re like ghosts, only they do some special/different than all the other ghosts. Banshees scream in the middle of the night, scarring the crap out of people; whereas ghosts normally just hang around and do annoying shit like open doors and flick the lights on and off. Will’o’wisps light up, while regular ghosts either stay invisible are partially manifest (I think sometimes regular ghosts glow, but that doesn’t count). So I guess what I’m trying to get at is, if you believe in stuff like ghosts, then you’ll probably believe in stuff like Banshees. Does that mean they exist? Ultimately it depends on you. Specifically talking about Banshees and Will’o’wisps, they could exist, but I’m not 100% sure if they do.